Welcome to the Institute of Lightweight Structures

Lectures with exercises in winter term 2016/2017

Dear students,

the lecture series "Adaptive Structures" and "Lightweight Construction" will be offered in winter term 2016/2017 by Prof. Hajek (Institute of Helicopter Technology) with support by Prof. Baier. The lecture serie "Fiber Composites" will be continued by the lecture "Analyses and Design of Composite Structures" offered by the Institute of Carbon Composites (Prof. Drechsler).  Exercises will be carried out by research associates of LLB.

The laboratory (or computer) courses "Finite Element Methods in Aerospace", supervised by Andreas Hermanutz, LLB and "Lightweight Structures" (guided by the Instiute of Helicopter Technology) will be offered as well.

The laboratory course "Fiber Composites" will be offered in summer term by the Chair for Carbon Composites. Applications for these have to be made via TUM Online.